Saturday, May 08, 2004

before i post anything, the old forum is still around, just check the links to the left.
work... yeah... i hadda get up at 9am today, to go to work and transfer 58 pages of names and numbers to some new software. (i work at a catering company for those of you who don't know.) yesterday i had to transfer about 200 menu items to that new software. funness.
after work... went to dinner at chili's with jake thurner and jose pulido... never really hung with jose much, he's pretty damn cool! after that we did some wonderful unauthorized off-roading (ask me if you want some inside info), and hung at tom's house with mary, chelsea and erik. an ok evening.
i got home and found out g4tv is buying techtv, and firing all the hosts of their current shows. crap. really. g4 is ok but nowhere near the quality and viewerbase of techtv. i'm gonna miss cat and kevin the most. i really hope they stay with this new channel. how's this for a first entry? let me know. moblog coming soon. maybe. later all.


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