Saturday, July 24, 2004

what's that? you want some more cool music reccomendations? well alrighty then!


Air - Moon Safari
the debut album from this amazing group... it's very hard to describe the type of music here... it's a mesh of acid-jazzy sounds with a 60's french pop background. i suppose put all together you'd call this trip-hop, but you need to hear it. once you hear this you'll be running out to get their other equally awesome albums.

Groove Armada - Goodbye Country (Hello Nightclub)
i'm sure you must've heard of them at one point or another... this is their 2nd newest album, and i'd say it's on the more upbeat side of trip-hop, bordering on house music. check it out, you'll love it. (their newest album love box is basically house music, but also quite good.)

Morcheeba - Big Calm
you like the tracks with female vocals on the massive attack albums? you'll like this. it's got the amazing harmonies, the great dreamy vocals, can't go wrong with morcheeba.

Lamb - Between Darkness & Wonder
ready to listen to an album breaking thru different genres of music in trip-hop? i don't think you're ready for this album. beautiful soundscapes, soft, contemplative, intelligent vocal harmonies, this is about as complex and amazing trip-hop is going to get. i almost like lamb better than massive attack. you oughta check it out. now.

General Electronica/Trance

Andy Hunter - Exodus
i'm sure you've heard the song "go" by andy hunter sometime or another. why haven't you heard any other songs by him in popular media? because they only want to stick with what's predefined that works. the entire album is great, reminds me a lot of bt... not to say that he doesn't have his own style.

Fluke - Risotto
yes, you've heard absurd or atom bomb by fluke. even if you don't think you have, yes, you have. now check out the rest of their debut album that the rest of the world ignored. it's awesome, reminds me a lot of earlier crystal method, which if you know me, you know i love. it's innovative, original, great-sounding breakbeat taken to the next level. a must-listen.

Way Out West - Intensify
i mentioned this in my last music posting, but i don't think enough people paid attention, so i'm posting about this again. this cd just overflows with talent, these are some of the best productions i've ever heard, i cannot say enough about this album to inspire you to get it. so just get it, and i'll stop bugging you about it. you won't be sorry.

Hallucinogen - The Lone Deranger
do you like hardcore no apoligies made acid/psy/goa trance? check this album out, it doesn't get much better than this. (also check out anything by man with no name and infected mushroom.)

Overseer - Wreckage
some more rockin' breakbeat... i'm sure you've heard their song supermoves from just about anything related to the matrix... or horndog in some mitsubishi commercial. those aren't even the best tracks on their album. they even do a no-no in my book and mix some rap into it ala new crystal method music... but it actually is done very well, and doesn't annoy me! (fact: all new rap annoys mark.) check this one out, it's a freakin winner.

that's all for now kiddies.


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