Saturday, May 08, 2004

not too eventful today so i'll make it quick.
got a voicemail from erik that his rents want me to copy some tape to a dvd... so i immediately made a call to them... yes, i'm poor. went over there and picked up the tape and ended up playing a softball game with his mom, stepdad, and some relatives. it was surprisingly fun... maybe that had something to do with the fact that none of us ran the bases, but ya know. so, i've been struggling with my stubborn computer to capture the whole entire tape without freezing... my old video card never had issues, damn ati, their capture cards are overrated.
had a late mclunch so i had a late dinner... drove to marty's pizza and picked up some goodness... right when the frickin severe thunderstorm decided to start. i was outside for maybe a total of 5 seconds and i was immediately drenched. i love spring.
i heard that andy pyzyk is back in town, i'll have to give the a-man a call tomorrow. i need to see van helsing.
that'll be all.


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