Sunday, August 29, 2004

so i'm talking to my friend zack from chicago on aim... and he tells me about his younger 7th grade brother's latest profile entry... ah the days i miss.

so today my brother and his friend come down to my room out of breath
"theres a bunch of kids outside will you drive us to town, they want to beat us up"
now, from his profile.

Highlight of my summer: K, Me and teddy were riding around town and we like crossed towns and there were these fags kids like making fun of us and talking 5th grade shit so there like lets play chicken and we were like hell yah and so me and my friend like ran over 2 of em and now there all pissed at us and there like trying to find em and there is like 20 of em and like 2 of us but we could still whoiop there asses so we went home and got golf clubs and some pops and like chucked the pops at them at like were charged at thgem with our golf clubs it was so fucking funny


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