Thursday, May 13, 2004

i woke up embarrasingly late. then i met up with andy and erik to eat dinner at noodles. after that we hung at andy's house for a little while, and then we decided to see van helsing. andy had to bail since he had to clean someone's car or something.
not sure what to think of van helsing... had some cool action scenes, and the special effects were nothing short of amazing. i guess it was just a little too busy for me, if that makes any sense. every action scene, the camera never stood still, and there was constant non-stop movement in every corner of the screen. with action scenes like that i find myself going wow, ok, this is kinda cool but when is it going to end? when i should be thinking whoa, bring on more! oh well, it wasn't the worst i've seen, it was ok... wish i had seen it during the day and saved a few bucks, though. leave a comment, let me know what you thought of it. yeah, that's right, reader interaction, what up now?!


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