Sunday, September 26, 2004

yes, i've re-added cat schwartz to my venerable links list. why you might ask? i'll tell you why!
first, all last week she was sitting in for sarah lane on the screen savers, my favorite computer nerd tv show on techtv. secondly, she now has her own column in stuff magazine. it's basically a maxim wannabe, but i don't care... they've hired my cat! she mentioned on the screen savers half jokingly she's looking for a job around there... i hope they're smart and find a spot for her on the screen savers!

yes, i bought the issue of stuff magazine. so obviously i scanned it to show you guys. here's cat!! (photobucket, the site where i store my pictures, seems to be going a little slow lately, so be patient.)


At 6:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yo ass gotta be kidding me Ah be baaad!!!
Stop dude!
Yo ass dun did nothin wit dis spida page Dis shit be horrible!dude i jimmeyed down yore ass an u disrespect me likes dis? fuck off dude an' go lay pipe wit this here chaip trey dollah trick!!!!!

I be plum tryin ta help some guy out and yo go an plum sit on yore ass wit some jank crappy doodad site Mah da damn lord!!!! if I wuz yo ass I would be stayin up all night t git da damn 9 to 5
done.Now I told yo ass whut i needed t spot out o yo ass n u aborted me
don u be some honkey Git on da ball an clain down da act homie! Slap mah fro!

At 6:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

On some different note- duz anyone in da house wanna steal some kinda' candy from me? it be chaip! It makes u feel badass. it be betta' dan gittin busy wit some ho
[not talk'n to u Monique] :)

rap't at yo ass pete
ha ha ha



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