Tuesday, January 18, 2005

have you ever stumbled upon an old journal of yours unexpectedly? if you have, you know how off-putting it can be. now, i'm not even talking about something majorly old, i'm talking about something around 2 years old. it is amazing how much things can dramatically change in that short of a span... even one's writing style. friendships, attitudes toward life and events, even musical tastes (or lack thereof).

if you don't know me or my friends too well, you might not get too much out of this... but reading it was quite an experience for me, one that just snuck up on me since i happened to be browsing at livejournal. you never know when something like this will happen, and suddenly you find yourself contemplating life. just by reading the words it felt as if, for a short moment at least, i was reliving these events all over again. as pointless as most of them may be, those are the ones we remember the most. i'll miss what many of my friends used to be to me.



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