Thursday, March 24, 2005

Cine Strube

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i just got back from an advance screening of Millions which comes out April 1st. this reminded me that i haven't updated my reviews for quite awhile. this is partially due to not seeing many movies lately (can you blame me? late winter is clearance time for all of the studios), and partially due to my overall laziness. well, here goes.

A very enjoyable film about an imaginative British boy who suddenly comes upon a bag full of money, which he thinks is a miracle. There's a lot of play as to what should be done with the money, and the morals involved. While there's definitely a message in this movie, it never becomes overly preachy or sappy. Both the acting and directing were top-notch, and the ending was a bit overboard for me, but it definitely fit with the imaginative fantasy tone of the rest of the movie. Highly recommended. By the way... this is not a kids movie, it's a family movie. So, do everyone a favor and leave the 6 year old who won't 'get it' anyways at home.
3.5/4 stars

Alright, I will admit, even though I knew the movie would probably suck, I put some high expectations on this film. Those were partially shot down, partially not. Let me explain. There's some cool concepts in this movie. The thing I liked about it is that every single concept is fleshed out on screen. That was kind of refreshing, but it's also this movie's downfall, it depends on that too much. Keanu plays dark, depressed Keanu, which is always fine, but I'm sure they could've found someone more appropriate to this role. A fine waste of 2 hours, but they could've done so much more with this movie. Watch it to see post-Matrix Keanu killin' some demons and collecting a check from Warner Bros.
2/4 stars

In Good Company

A cute little movie with an original enough plot and believable characters. It just didn't do it for me. File it with Garden State - you'll probably like it, I didn't... deal with it.
1.5/4 stars

Put it in the same category as In Good Company, except it's actually quite enjoyable in addition to the standard heartwarming fare. Sandler does a surprisingly good job, as does the rest of the cast... with Tea Leoni in an unexpected unlikable role. You could do a lot worse, definitely worth a rental.
2.5/4 stars

The Aviator
Ah The Aviator. Where to begin. First of all, I found this movie quite educational. I didn't know very much about Howard Hughes before seeing this... and now I have almost too much information after seeing it. Great, convincing performances all around, and the usual solid direction from Scorsese. It's borderline epic in scale, and it achieves almost everything it sets out to do, I just think it tries to do too much (everything but the kitchen sink). A very good but grossly overrated film due to nothing much else good coming out that season, but still highly recommended.
3/4 stars

Garden State
"Look at me, I'm Natalie Portman and I'm going to act cutesy and quirky and be in that dude from Scrubs' indie movie and everyone's gonna love me even though they all remember me as Queen Amidala in that pathetic excuse for film that Lucas has me in, or me as that ugly statch from The Professional! Oh and even though the movie has no conclusion or forseeable point to exist, everyone will forgive it because it has such a great soundtrack and an unneeded overhappy ending! Yes! I am a true star!"
Please. Yeah, you'll probably love it like everyone else on the planet. Just know that I hate it.
1/4 stars

Blade: Trinity

It didn't need to get made, but it did. Don't worry, it's not as horrible as some would have you believe... I'm hesitant to say it but Ryan Reynolds pretty much saved this movie, where Wesley Snipes isn't really doing much except kicking some vamp ass. If you liked the previous Blade movies, definitely check it out, it's at least fun and enjoyable.
2/4 stars

that's all for now. someone get me into an advance screening of Sin City... NOW!


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