Friday, February 25, 2005 used to have one of their reviewers, Kim Morgan, review and report some of the new dvd releases every tuesday on The Screen Savers. will no longer have her on the show. this is quite hilarious...


I wanted to let you know we've decided to part company with TechTV/G4 and their show The Screen Savers. Over the past few weeks they've pushed to reformat the segment under the assinine 'DVDuesday' banner, which although we didn't like we dealt with.

Unfortunately they also pushed this DVDoe's/DVDon'ts thing and pushed our writer to be more critical on air about the DVDs. Apparently this was a precursor for them as they are completely reformatting the show and changing the name to 'Attack of the Show'.

Instead of good DVD reviews and info, they want to push the segment more into a hip and irreverent slam of DVDs. As you know that ISN'T what were about here at DVD Talk. Our WHOLE point is to sift through the piles and piles of DVDs that come in and help find the ones which are most worth checking out, not just stand around trying to be cool and slam on DVDs.

So we've decided to no longer continue our segment on TechTV/The Screen Savers. We don't feel the direction which they are going in matches the vision of DVD Talk and we don't feel that there's any value in a segment which is built around slamming DVDs.

We will continue to do our monthly DVD segment in our H.Q. city of Portland, OR and rebroadcast that on the web at DVDTalk.TV. Also last month we launched our online radio show at and will continue to work to expand that.

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Geoff Kleinman (Editor/


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