Friday, February 10, 2006

Wanna hear Dan Laughland get p0wned on Free Talk Live? I know you do. It was fun. Dan, dude, apparently even I learned more from economics than you did... and you're the one in college! I guess Penn & Teller were right about those places. Next time, before you send them an email, run it by me first. If I can tear you a new one on the subject (which I would've), then you know they're going to do it ten fold.

Since when does something become more expensive when more competition and freedom in the marketplace is introduced? Since when does a government monopoly make things cheaper? (The fact that it doesn't make things better due to lack of incentive isn't even an argument, and I'm sure you agree with that.) I thought you called yourself a Libertarian? You're insane.

I've also included the following segment of the show because it's damn good. Enjoy!

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