Tuesday, February 01, 2005

A&E Wins Bidding War for 'Sopranos' Rights - what the hell is happening to A&E? not that i ever really watched it before, it's one of those old crotchety channels like Bravo who is now suddenly trying to liven up their image by buying the rights to shows such as CSI: Miami and 24. those are both cool shows (well... mostly 24), but it just does not fit A&E's image! maybe SpikeTV or something like that (which coincidentally already airs old episodes of CSI). don't even get me started on how they're editing The Sopranos to meet standards! the FCC (which is unconstitutional to begin with) regulates signals over the air - not the cable... what imbeciles!

an interesting side note: i was watching CSI on SpikeTV some time ago, and suddenly, before my eyes, are a pair of breasts. no... Jennifer Garner hadn't snuck into my room you sillies... quite the opposite really... it was a corpse... on CSI. so apparently they consider it alright to show naked chicks on basic cable and network television (this show is originally on CBS - FCC regulated)... that is as long as they're thoroughly dead. don't ya just love America?

this seems to be a growing pattern with cable television stations these days - drastically changing their lineups. TechTV, which i've ranted about extensively, has gone thru the biggest changes, but other stations as well... Nick Digilio, who i always listen to on the radio, mentioned how one of his favorite channels, the Game Show Network, or GSN, recently changed their lineup to all these crappy new game shows, practically ignoring what got them started... which is playing old game shows people reminisce about. hell, you can't even turn on TLC (The Learning Channel) without watching some stupid show about a wedding i couldn't care less about or someone smashing up a perfectly good house to make it look even uglier than before. those shows are for channels like Lifetime (all estrogen all the time) and HGTV (who cares). what's the description you get when you do a Google search for TLC? i'll show you: "TLC The Learning Channel. Life Unscripted. Reality TV. Real Life. Real People."
what the hell?! this is the LEARNING channel not NBC/ABC "lets eat cow poop and barf and then build a house and cry oh and by the way you're fired" reality shit central! what bull!
oh well... end rant.

on a lighter note, it looks like Marty's LiveJournal is back in full swing, so be sure to check it out!

i guess Marty must've heard my rant about the crap these cable channels are doing! but seriously... wow... that's a huge restrooms sign.


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