Friday, February 17, 2006

Freaky dreams suck.

Thank you melatonin.


At 12:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read your dream description. Interesting. I do not have any comments on the actual dream itself but I have experience with sleeping difficulties. I am not a big believer in medications or chemical sleep aids. They are more harmful in the long run than they are helpful in the short run. They create dependencies!

In high school and college I was an athlete and in the off seasons I had difficulties falling asleep. Eventually I talked to my school's sports psychologist/trainer and she told me that my body was used to activity and that I should settle into a habit of physical activity to help me fall asleep in the off season.
As an answer to your problem,(even if you are not an athlete) I suggest that sometime in the afternoon you workout, run, hike, etc. for at least 45 minutes. Don't workout too late in the evening because that can hop you up. Wait atleast two hours after a work out before you try to fall asleep for the night.
Obviously, don't drink soda-pop or any other foods with stimulants in them. It is also best to let your food digest at least an hour before you try to go to bed.
When my 6 year old son has trouble falling asleep we go for a hike or play catch for a while each evening. It works for him and for me. Plus, this is a habit that has postive affects besides just helping you to fall asleep.
If you find that increased activity still doesn't do the trick then get up a half-hour earlier each day and get in a quick run/walk but still keep to your afternoon workout. You will be amazed.

Many sports related magazines have articles discussing sleep, training, and nutrition. I read Runner's World and their Internet site is a good resource for natural remedies.



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