Wednesday, June 30, 2004

let the condom wars begin. how absurd can things get in this world?

Saturday, June 19, 2004

never take 4 extra strength excedrin within 2 hours.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

you guys need to check this site out! it's called television without pity. it has hilarious and intelligent episode reviews for all your favorite shows. check out their latest review for the wb's terrible show that i actually watch, summerland. it cracked me up. seriously.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

well, i saw harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban last night with marty. i went the day before but the projector bulb went out in the middle of the movie and i got my money back. i really enjoyed it, it was surprisingly dark and intense, and i think it's the best of the series of films so far. i was very impressed... too bad they're not keeping this new director for the fourth installment, i can only hope it'll be as good as this one. 3.5/4 stars only because it runs a tad too long. what'd you think of the movie? let me know! post a comment already!

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

here's a few of my latest movie reviews i've just posted in the forum. i had some time on my hands so i decided to to a major catching-up session.

Time to catch up....

Walking Tall
The Rock stars in this remake of the classic 70s revenge epic as a guy who returns to his hometown to discover corruption, drugs and general badness. He gets a big stick and starts busting heads. It's a very simple movie, and once again (like The Rundown) the Rock practically carries it. It's a nice throwback to old-fashioned filmmaking, and it has a nice 70's vibe going for it.
3/4 stars

The Punisher
I didn't expect to like this movie much since most critics seemed to hate it (with a passion). It's a dark, very violent film based on the Marvel comic character whose family is killed, and he seeks out revenge. This film is extremely flawd, but Thomas Jane singlehandedly saves it, along with the extremely fun and flashy action scenes. John Travolta is doing his typical villian thing, they could've done worse I suppose. The dire tone can be startling, and I thought it was very smartly edited.
2.5/4 stars

Kill Bill Vol. 2
What can I say, this film is awesome, amazing, genius. However be aware, this is a whole lot different from Vol. 1. There's not too much action in it, and the pacing is quite slow. Uma Thurman gives an awe-inspiring performance, and even more significant than in Vol. 1, since this movie focuses on her relationship with Bill and her daughter. Alas, there are some great quality kills (at the death of Darryl Hannah's character, people were cheering in the theater), but this volume is mainly about heroism and the role of the alter ego. Not to be missed.
4/4 stars

Man On Fire
I was amazed at the editing in this film. The entire thing is extremely stylized, and there are so many little details put into the technique of this film, I was in amazement. The result of that is a movie that is very intense. I am sure this could've been annoying to some people, but I rather enjoyed that aspect of it. That said, I think the extremely slow pacing greatly hurt this movie. Denzel Washington is great as usual, and Dakota Fanning ends up being a bit robotic, but good, as expected. This movie is intermittantly powerful and effective... more often than not, but it has too many downsides for me to have really liked it.
2/4 stars

Mean Girls
All hail Tina Fey! The current SNL star wrote the script for this hilarious, smart, and fresh teen comedy (you read that correctly, all those adjectives used before the words 'teen comedy'). As I'm sure you already know, this movie is a great comedy about female peer pressure and high school cliques. This movie doesn't cover too much new ground, but that doesn't matter. Lindsay Lohan shines in this movie, now I really understand what people have been talking about. That girl has a great future ahead of her. This is intelligent, subversive, and absolutely hilarious stuff... if you missed it, you're seeing it with me at the budget, and that's that.
4/4 stars

Van Helsing
What a dissapointment. This movie starts out great, with a very creatively shot creation of Frankenstein's monster. Then it introduces us to Van Helsing with a cool monster-killing scene and some sweet music. It's all downhill from there. It was a cool idea, mixing all those monsters into one movie, but it doesn't quite work out, and I blame the director and a subpar script. Some of the action scenes are cool and exciting, but they are so kinetically shot it looks like a 12 year who's been up all night drinking Mountain Dew was behind the camera... it never stops moving, which I found very annoying. If only it could've been better.
1.5/4 stars

The Day After Tomorrow
Smell that? Oh! The newest Roland Emmerich disaster flick must be in town! I know the script will be hackneyed, the characters will be nothing but stereotypes, the dialogue will be written by 5 year olds, it will be full of Emmerich's standard brainless ethnic and sexist stereotypes and chock full of your typical disaster movie 'dialogue'... but the New York destruction scenes look so cool on tv it might be good right? Wrong. Read above for review. I should've learned my lesson after Independence Day and Godzilla. What a waste of Jake Gyllenhaal. And film.
1/4 stars