Thursday, October 14, 2004

i haven't posted in quite awhile! update? lets see... i'm now 20 years old, i recently started watching new episodes of 7th heaven again (guilty pleasure) and saw the worst episode of any television show i've ever seen (i'll go into gory detail in another update), i'm working on a new trance mix (finally), and i got the most amazing birthday gift ever.
a 42 inch sony lcd rear projection hdtv. yeah, i know. you can find more info on the tv here if you're interested. honestly i didn't even know there was such a thing as an lcd rear projection... i thought it had to be either rear projection (those large non-flat widescreen tv's you see) or lcd (a bit thicker than plasma, better picture). well, this tv has higher resolution (detail) than either plasma or dlp (digital light projection, the most expensive kind of hdtv available), it's only a little bit thicker than plasma, so still flat, and cheaper than both! where can you go wrong! have a look at my baby in my ROOM!

weird reflection effect going on there. just for the record, the side of that speaker is black, nothing on it. i think the flash must've refracted on some of the projection elements inside the tv and projected a view of its insides on the side of that speaker! strange but cool!