Friday, February 25, 2005 used to have one of their reviewers, Kim Morgan, review and report some of the new dvd releases every tuesday on The Screen Savers. will no longer have her on the show. this is quite hilarious...


I wanted to let you know we've decided to part company with TechTV/G4 and their show The Screen Savers. Over the past few weeks they've pushed to reformat the segment under the assinine 'DVDuesday' banner, which although we didn't like we dealt with.

Unfortunately they also pushed this DVDoe's/DVDon'ts thing and pushed our writer to be more critical on air about the DVDs. Apparently this was a precursor for them as they are completely reformatting the show and changing the name to 'Attack of the Show'.

Instead of good DVD reviews and info, they want to push the segment more into a hip and irreverent slam of DVDs. As you know that ISN'T what were about here at DVD Talk. Our WHOLE point is to sift through the piles and piles of DVDs that come in and help find the ones which are most worth checking out, not just stand around trying to be cool and slam on DVDs.

So we've decided to no longer continue our segment on TechTV/The Screen Savers. We don't feel the direction which they are going in matches the vision of DVD Talk and we don't feel that there's any value in a segment which is built around slamming DVDs.

We will continue to do our monthly DVD segment in our H.Q. city of Portland, OR and rebroadcast that on the web at DVDTalk.TV. Also last month we launched our online radio show at and will continue to work to expand that.

Best Regards
Geoff Kleinman (Editor/

Thursday, February 24, 2005

i never would've thought of this happening... it looks like Quentin Tarantino will be directing the season finale of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. i'm not the biggest fan of the show, but i watch it once in awhile. i'm definitely going to start watching it regularily now. the finale is tentatively scheduled to air May 19th. read the full article here.

i've finally updated the Call For Help episode downloads section. i've filled in some gaps, adding episodes 39, 43, and 46. i've also added the newest episodes 87-97, which brings us to the latest airing of a new episode which was February 17th. check it out!

the Swish is back! i've added a link to Laura Swisher's blog to my venerable links list... for those of you who don't know, she's of techTV fame... the co-host of the now cancelled Unscrewed with Martin Sargent. it's a great blog, and she has a very interesting comedic view of things, so be sure to check it out. long live the Unscrewed Army!

The Swish

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

my friend Jake Thurner's dad was in a plane crash!! luckily he miraculously survived the crash, and was found after 30 hours. a true survivor. this article can be found multiple places... i found out about it because it was in Saturday's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, but the best and most complete article can be found here in the Denver Post.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

dude... Spider-Man is real. check it out. yeah... i know.

speaking of which, i discovered a pretty cool newsgroup... it's they post up giant, high-quality scans of entire comic books... there's literally hundreds of thousands of posts a month there. pretty sweet. here's some spidey samples.

Friday, February 18, 2005

three email addresses? yep, that's right. i thought i might as well show all the ways i can be contacted (short of calling me on the phone).
my primary email address... use it for general messages or sending me files under 10mb.
my road runner email... use it in case you can't seem to get ahold of me on gmail, or for sending me files 10mb or larger.
my cell phone... for sending me an email anywhere i may be.

i will also soon be making posts to this blog from my cell phone! so, now i can make blog posts from anywhere i happen to be! awesomeness. (and of course i've been able to do that with the moblog for some time now.)

i'm looking forward to seeing Constantine sometime this weekend... i'll update with my thoughts on it soon.

Friday, February 11, 2005

exciting times... so someone at the Movie-List forum was watching Leno last night, and noticed that in a commercial for Finding Neverland, Movie-List was mentioned! namely, the reviewer who works for us, Dean Kish. in case you don't know, i've been a big part of that site for many years now, helping to get the latest movie previews posted and moderating the forum... most recently i provided high def QuickTime versions of the (good) Super Bowl movie commercials. this is really really exciting for me... aren't we all lucky that i tivo Leno every night? have a look.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

conventional episode of X-Play... those are in Tokyo, to me it is that offered to viewing the magic where you are tasty cheerfully.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

A&E Wins Bidding War for 'Sopranos' Rights - what the hell is happening to A&E? not that i ever really watched it before, it's one of those old crotchety channels like Bravo who is now suddenly trying to liven up their image by buying the rights to shows such as CSI: Miami and 24. those are both cool shows (well... mostly 24), but it just does not fit A&E's image! maybe SpikeTV or something like that (which coincidentally already airs old episodes of CSI). don't even get me started on how they're editing The Sopranos to meet standards! the FCC (which is unconstitutional to begin with) regulates signals over the air - not the cable... what imbeciles!

an interesting side note: i was watching CSI on SpikeTV some time ago, and suddenly, before my eyes, are a pair of breasts. no... Jennifer Garner hadn't snuck into my room you sillies... quite the opposite really... it was a corpse... on CSI. so apparently they consider it alright to show naked chicks on basic cable and network television (this show is originally on CBS - FCC regulated)... that is as long as they're thoroughly dead. don't ya just love America?

this seems to be a growing pattern with cable television stations these days - drastically changing their lineups. TechTV, which i've ranted about extensively, has gone thru the biggest changes, but other stations as well... Nick Digilio, who i always listen to on the radio, mentioned how one of his favorite channels, the Game Show Network, or GSN, recently changed their lineup to all these crappy new game shows, practically ignoring what got them started... which is playing old game shows people reminisce about. hell, you can't even turn on TLC (The Learning Channel) without watching some stupid show about a wedding i couldn't care less about or someone smashing up a perfectly good house to make it look even uglier than before. those shows are for channels like Lifetime (all estrogen all the time) and HGTV (who cares). what's the description you get when you do a Google search for TLC? i'll show you: "TLC The Learning Channel. Life Unscripted. Reality TV. Real Life. Real People."
what the hell?! this is the LEARNING channel not NBC/ABC "lets eat cow poop and barf and then build a house and cry oh and by the way you're fired" reality shit central! what bull!
oh well... end rant.

on a lighter note, it looks like Marty's LiveJournal is back in full swing, so be sure to check it out!

i guess Marty must've heard my rant about the crap these cable channels are doing! but seriously... wow... that's a huge restrooms sign.