Monday, August 30, 2004

yes, i've done the unthinkable. i've put ads on my blog. however don't worry too much... there will never be any pop-ups or crap like that, and they're only simple google text ads. this will help me keep track of how many people are visiting my blog, and maybe make a little dough on the side.

so it seems everyone in hollywood hates bush. now lets consider how stupid everyone in hollywood is. rinse... repeat.

Sunday, August 29, 2004

anyone i know use yahoo messenger? i just got it... let me know! god the VMA's are such a sham.

wanna know what's wrong with this country? check this out, it's pure gold.

so i'm talking to my friend zack from chicago on aim... and he tells me about his younger 7th grade brother's latest profile entry... ah the days i miss.

so today my brother and his friend come down to my room out of breath
"theres a bunch of kids outside will you drive us to town, they want to beat us up"
now, from his profile.

Highlight of my summer: K, Me and teddy were riding around town and we like crossed towns and there were these fags kids like making fun of us and talking 5th grade shit so there like lets play chicken and we were like hell yah and so me and my friend like ran over 2 of em and now there all pissed at us and there like trying to find em and there is like 20 of em and like 2 of us but we could still whoiop there asses so we went home and got golf clubs and some pops and like chucked the pops at them at like were charged at thgem with our golf clubs it was so fucking funny

Friday, August 27, 2004

now this new '05 corvette commercial is just plain cool. apparently this aired during the olympics... some people complained since it depicts (wreckless) underage driving... hence it was pulled. i think it's just all sorts of awesome. directed by guy ritchie.

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now that i think about it more... most of the groups who were against this commercial cited that they were afraid kids would see this and get the idea to go and take their parents' car out for a joyride. the commercial makes it abundantly clear it's a fantasy. and secondly, what about all the bad things adults do on television? i'd say kids look up to teens and adults more than they do other kids... they're the ones setting an example, and for a large part on television, it's a bad one. people don't think about the big picture anymore, just kneejerk responses... which is why there's so many unconstitutional laws and government organizations like the fcc... but that's another debate.

"This ad is certainly among the most dangerous, anti-safety messages to be aired on national television in recent years," the groups wrote in a letter to GM. "It is doubtful," they wrote, "that General Motors would condone the beer industry showing a 'dream sequence' of 10-year-old children having an after- school 'kegger.' " The groups that signed the letter included Consumers Union, Public Citizen and the Consumer Federation of America.

wow, where to begin. so, driving a corvette around is as dangerous as having an after-school kegger, right? what about the thousands of kids everyday who have great fun driving around four-wheelers, or bicycles, or motorcycles? hell in some european countries kids have alchohol all the time, i've never heard about any serious issues. how about all the commercials advertising delicious alchoholic beverages to 'adults' whom kids aspire to be, and more kids have seen that than this corvette commercial? i'd say that's a lot more dangerous than a commercial showing a kid as being a skilled stunt driver. ever heard of motocross? i suppose if there was a commercial showing a bunch of kids going nuts at one of those courses, these same groups would have that pulled because it's depicting dangerous activities. or how about skateboarding? one skateboarder in particular, ryan sheckler, happens to be 14, and is one of the best skateboarders in the u.s.... winning a gold at the 2003 x games. i suppose that should be taken off the air as well, since i'm sure skateboarding is much more dangerous than driving a car around, wreckless or not. who am i to be saying all this? hi, my name is mark... and i actually think about things.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

What about those people that change drastically. I recently ran into Ponto (still the same) who tells me about other people that have had drastic changes. I guess it comes when people leave an old life behind and seek a new one-change is inevitable.I come back and thankfully, some BA friends still remain similar. There is Erik, now a smoker and between schools but relativly the same person. Rechlin and Travis seem the same.... Strube has been perhaps my greatest ally in the fun I have here at home. He always calls me and we always do stuff. For this I am appreicative. He is still the same guy I have always known and it always brings back memories from days past when we talk about some things. Mary is still similar and even Elliot. I would have to say the most unchanged to a changed life is Steve. He moved away just like lots of other people. But everytime I see him he is the same old Steve Dogg. What about myself? Have I changed. I don't think much except for a little longing for Mankato. I always got the Brookfield News at school to try and connect me to my hometown but even then I knew I was just trying to fool myself that I only cared about one town. Even with my same old friends things feel different, now I realize that things should and have changed no matter how much I do not want to accept it.

some people really need to look in the mirror.

Strube has been perhaps my greatest ally in the fun I have here at home. He always calls me and we always do stuff. For this I am appreicative. He is still the same guy I have always known and it always brings back memories from days past when we talk about some things.

if he was so appreciative, perhaps he would've reciprocated a little more often. especially towards the end of the summer, when the new girlfriend, the friend who betrayed him (for years without apology), and the new girlfriend's hair became his number one priorities, not his true friends. funny how someone can repeat towards others terrible things that have been done to them, and be none the wiser. well, i'm sure he will be now, at least i hope.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

a night of wardriving in brookfield with my brand new ibook.

Sunday, August 08, 2004

which one is fake?

the correct answer of course, is BOTH.

how i love reading moxie.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

i scanned this from today's shepherd express. i found it amusing.
edit: found a better version from a website.

i also found this ad rather amusing, so i scanned it as well...