Sunday, September 26, 2004

yes, i've re-added cat schwartz to my venerable links list. why you might ask? i'll tell you why!
first, all last week she was sitting in for sarah lane on the screen savers, my favorite computer nerd tv show on techtv. secondly, she now has her own column in stuff magazine. it's basically a maxim wannabe, but i don't care... they've hired my cat! she mentioned on the screen savers half jokingly she's looking for a job around there... i hope they're smart and find a spot for her on the screen savers!

yes, i bought the issue of stuff magazine. so obviously i scanned it to show you guys. here's cat!! (photobucket, the site where i store my pictures, seems to be going a little slow lately, so be patient.)

Sunday, September 19, 2004

an entry from a hotel room... i had to leave saturday morning with grandma to go to marshfield, she wanted to go to her high school reunion. her 60 year reunion. yeah, i know. so we stayed in this kinda janky, smelly, trashy best western there. ugh. today she wanted to visit some relatives in wausau, and she wants to stay here and drive back home tomorrow. i told her to let me pick the hotel. i picked the marriott courtyard. this place is close to luxury, especially compared to the jank worst western. but alas, i'm bored. so i took some pictures.

what happens when mark goes to a hotel

the view... better than most i'd say

the room... from my view

i'm having too much fun with the crazy angles

on another note... sarah jessica parker won an emmy for her role on sex & the city! yes! go sjp!

Sunday, September 05, 2004

so on friday night i get a call from my friend jacob, who i haven't seen almost all summer. he tells me we're going to go on an adventure all day tomorrow... but he wouldn't tell me what we were doing... as much as i tried, he wouldn't tell. so i pick him up saturday morning, and he ends up directing me to the capitol dr. airport. he had gotten a plane, and his pilots liscence over the summer. now, it's a small older plane that can seat 4 people, but it's still all sorts of fun. we flew up to mukwonago , where we stopped and checked the weather. then we flew up to egg harbor, where we had lunch at this outdoor cafe and walked around. after that we took off again and flew up to washington island. that is just a beautiful place, sparsely populated but more than you'd expect. most my pictures of the mist and the clear water were taken from over washington island. we landed on a grass landing strip there where we were driven to the unbelievably small town center, and then we walked a little over a mile to the beach where we went swimming in the extremely cold water. after relaxing there for awhile we took off for waukesha. what a day! i cannot thank jacob enough for it. i put an album online of a bunch of the pictures i took. i fixed the colors on a lot of them, since the whole day was very hazy and foggy, so every picture i took had a thick blue mist over it... i think after fixing they look pretty nice. have a look!


Friday, September 03, 2004

added a few new links, and removed a few. first, i've removed cat schwartz from the link list. i love ya cat, but you're not on techtv anymore, and you've barely been updating your site recently; come back!! i also removed radio paradise from the links list. i just haven't been listening to it much anymore, must've been a phase.
and now for the new links! alex albrecht has finally made his site, he's a new host on the screen savers. his new site is in the same vein as kevin rose's site, so all my friends looking for another similar site, there you have it! another new link is plastic bugs. general entertainment, fun links, a great site to check daily.

someone tell me if this makes any sense... taken from this article...

Bush said at a campaign rally that "because we acted our economy is growing again" and said 1.7 million jobs have been created since August 2003 and more than 200,000 in the last two months.
The campaign of Democrat John Kerry quickly argued the jobs figures fell short of what is needed to keep up with population growth. Despite the new numbers, the U.S. economy has shed about 913,000 jobs since Bush took office.

so... 913,000 jobs have been lost, while 1.7 million jobs were created. i guess kerry didn't pay attention in math class... that's still 787,000 new jobs. great argument kerry! hopefully you'll soon be added to that lost jobs number.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

you seriously better watch this. oh that's right... i'm tivo-ing it as well, so if you don't watch it, i will force you. so lets just make things easy, and watch it on our own. and i think we all know that the badnarik will whoop all of em... i think it'll go something like this:

the badnarik says, tonight is the night that you go one-on-one with the great one. and your monkey ass is going to be made famous, compliments of the badnarik. you run your mouth about how the badnarik comes out here and recites his little nursery rhymes? well, the badnarik has prepared a little nursery rhyme specifically for you and it goes like this: mary had a little lamb... then again, piss on the lamb, piss on mary, and piss on you! the badnarik is going to go out there tonight and do what he does best, and that's lay the smackdown on your candyasses!

ok maybe not... but you better watch anyways! it's kinda important.

The PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE takes place Tuesday, August 31st, at 7pm eastern time.

C-Span will broadcast the event, tentatively scheduled to air on Monday, September 6 @ 1:00pm [ET]. This is an OPEN debate.

Unlike the Presidential Debates run by the Democrats-Republicans, no legitimate candidate is excluded. The questions are NOT agreed upon by the candidates or otherwise scripted; this promises to be a lively debate: which means you're likely to get real answers to the questions. There will be no 'Applause' sign over the stage.

Starting at 7:00 PM each presidential candidate will be allowed a five minute opening statement. The moderators will then pose questions to the candidates for 45 minutes. This will be followed by a 30 minute period featuring questions posed by the audience. Candidates will be allowed two minutes for answers and 30 seconds for rebuttals (unless the question is addressed to all candidates in which case there are no rebuttals.) The debate will end with 3 minute closing statements from each candidate.

The invited candidates are:

  • President George W. Bush (Republican),
  • Senator John F. Kerry (Democrat),
  • Mr. Michael Badnarik (Libertarian),
  • Mr. David Cobb (Green),
  • Mr. Michael Peroutka (Constitution),
  • Mr. Ralph Nader (Independent).

This Open debate is a historical event, and takes place at Sts. Cyril and Methodious Church, 502 West 41st Street, New York (Manhattan). The debate will be preceded by a Candidate Press Conference at 6:00 PM. The debate will be moderated by Walt Kane of News 12 in New Jersey and by Robert Richie of the Center for Voting and Democracy.

Attendance is open to the general public: first come, first served, to the capacity of the venue. Any candidate who chooses not to participate may be represented by an empty chair and a name placard.

In the event that the moderators or the audience have a question for a missing candidate or for all candidates, the moderators may simply note that "(insert name) declines to respond" and then the other attending candidates will be allowed to proceed with their response or rebuttal.